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Thursday, 27 August 2015

my favorite eyebrow products...

hey guys,
so today i am going to share with you my favorite eyebrow products and how i use them to achieve the brow that i desire.
so i like to start of by completely cleaning my brow area as i personally think that i am able to achieve a better brow what everything is super-duper clean and i always like to clean my skin before applying any makeup as i find it just makes my skin fell and look alot better.
i then like to go in with a dampened makeup sponge and some loose powder and i like to press that into my brows until i cannot physically see the powder. i have started to do this because i saw a you tube video of Hollie Wakeham doing this and it helped her to create tiny little hair line strokes in her brow as it puts a kind of base down and therefore makes it a little harder to draw over which means you have more control over the overall appearance.
i then go in with my Rimmel London Professional eyebrow pencil in the shade 'dark brow'. i like to sharpen this before i use it so that i have a tiny little sharp end on the pencil which helps me even more to create little hair line strokes. i find that this pencil has a very creamy formula and so putting the powder in the brows fist helps to change the formula into a harder pencil, similar to how a high end eyebrow pencil would be. i also like to use a light hand with these pencils as they are very pigmented and i try to go for a more natural look over a heavily drawn on look but that is just my preference, i have been through many different brow looks.

after i have filled in my brows and have got the desired look, i like to set the hairs in place to make sure they stay neat all day. for this i use the Rimmel Brow This Way brow gel in 'medium brown'. i find that this gives a nice amount of colour and sets them in place all day long.

i hope you like this post :) let me know your thoughts in the comments <3

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