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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The best autumn colour inspired lip stains I have ever tried...

Hi my angels,
So today I thought i would share with you my favourite lip stains for autumn at the moment.

These consist of the Revlon colorstay moisture stain in 045 new York scene and the maxfactor lipfinity lasting lip tint in 10 latte.
These two lip stains are such nice rich colours and go really well for this time of year.
First of all, the Revlon lip stain, this is a really nice deep wine sort of colour. It comes with what I would call an angled teardrop shaped wand which is the perfect shape for getting a good full application on the lips. I find that it is very pigmented and quite creamy and glossy for a stain so I like to apply a little product in the centre of my lips and the blend it in with my finger. For me this works the best because I don't like the feeling of having something on my lips which is why I usually go for stains instead of lipsticks.I find that this will last a very long time through eating and drinking but does tend to make my lips feel quite tight after a good few hours of wear however it does not leave my lips looking dry, and that's a big plus, aswell as having gorgeous, sleek packaging. Over all, I would highly recommend these lip tints and I'm sure I'll try out more shades :) these retail for £8.99 on the superdrug website but I'm sure you can get them from most drugstores across most countries. 
And lastly the maxfactor lip stain, this is a really nice sort of coffee colour, which the name kind of insinuates, and it comes with a felt tip kind of applicator which I find really usefull because it means you can line your lips with the stain as well as fill them in. I find this is also a very pigmented product, but is more like the average felt lip tint, so it goes on quite thin and dries fairly quick. This lip tint also lasts quite a long time on me through eating and drinking and I would only really have to top of up if I was out all day and then going somewhere on the night time. This also does not leave my lips looking dry and doesn't give me that tight sensation on my lips which the other stain does. I also love the packaging of this product and I think it is perfect for just throwing in your bag in case of any touch ups which would be achieved really easily. I unfortunately can't find this on the boots or superdrug website but I know that b and m have them and Amazon have a variety of shades as well as some other independent beauty websites. 
Thank you for reading, leave your comments and suggestions down below beauties :* 
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Monday, 19 October 2015

Product ideas...

Hey guys,
So I know its early to think about Christmas but I've recently been looking for what to ask my parents for. They always nag me around this time of the year to start writing a wish list. Are any of your parents like that? Anyways, I've really been struggling on what to ask for :( I've been eyeing up some Mac goodies for ages now but I don't know if they are nworth the money. I've been looking at there concealers and foundations and also two lipsticks: media and stone, let me know if you've tried them and what they're like please beauties :*
I've also been looking at the Ben nye powders, the bannana and cameo ones but I've heard a few youtubers say those powders feel really heavy on the skin so I'm not sure if I'll like them either. I've also been looking at things to start a baisic kit as I want to start freelance makeup artistry, I haven't got a full qualification yet but I am going through beauty school and the thought of doing freelance makeup really appeals to me, what make up products do you like the most? Let me know your thoughts on everything down below or feel free to email my gmail :*
Love you beauties <3
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

20 facts about me tag

So I thought I'd do a 20 facts about me today :)
Hope you enjoy <3

1) my name is amy
2) I would prefer if my name was spelt Aimee
3) my friends call me Jamie because my middle name starts with a J
4) I have blond hair
5) I have blue eyes
6) I am 16
7) I do a hair and beauty course at college
8) my favourite drinks are apple tango and still vimto
7) I am more or less a typical girl
8) although I love screamo music
9) I listen to more or less any type of music
10) I wear glasses
11) I really want contact lenses
12) I've always loved the concept of theatrical makeup
13) I absolutely adore makeup and spend most of my money on it
14) I have a takeaway every Saturday with my parents and grandparents
15) I strangely would love to have a weekend job
16) I have 2 pets, a hamster and a dog
17) I would love an i phone but I am stuck with an oldish Samsung because I keep breaking my phones :(
18) I love KFC and McDonald's
19) I love fruit just as much as fatty foods
20) I live in England where we only have sun for two weeks a year more or less

Be sure to check out other posts guys,
Love ya
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