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extract beauty

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

20 facts about me tag

So I thought I'd do a 20 facts about me today :)
Hope you enjoy <3

1) my name is amy
2) I would prefer if my name was spelt Aimee
3) my friends call me Jamie because my middle name starts with a J
4) I have blond hair
5) I have blue eyes
6) I am 16
7) I do a hair and beauty course at college
8) my favourite drinks are apple tango and still vimto
7) I am more or less a typical girl
8) although I love screamo music
9) I listen to more or less any type of music
10) I wear glasses
11) I really want contact lenses
12) I've always loved the concept of theatrical makeup
13) I absolutely adore makeup and spend most of my money on it
14) I have a takeaway every Saturday with my parents and grandparents
15) I strangely would love to have a weekend job
16) I have 2 pets, a hamster and a dog
17) I would love an i phone but I am stuck with an oldish Samsung because I keep breaking my phones :(
18) I love KFC and McDonald's
19) I love fruit just as much as fatty foods
20) I live in England where we only have sun for two weeks a year more or less

Be sure to check out other posts guys,
Love ya
...extract beauty...

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