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extract beauty

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Q and A colab

Hey guys, 
So today I am doing a  Q & A  collab with the brilliant Bella sanders from http://talkmakeuptomenow.blogspot.co.uk/

1. What is your favourite beauty brand? For me, this is a very hard question to answer as i love so many brands. but i think i mostly reach for Rimmel products as i think they are really good value for money.
2. What nail polish colour describes your current mood? Bright Blue, like Barry m's Blueberry. i think this describes my mood well as i have recently started college and the weather was really nice today so i am in quite a cheery mood and i feel really optimistic.
3. Can you do the perfect winged liner? I would not say i can achieve the 'perfect' winged liner as everyone's opinion is different. i would say i can do pretty good liner, i can get the even with a clean sharp flick.
4. Do you prefer lipstick or lip gloss?  personally i am more of a lipstick kind of girl, as i like a matte finish and the longevity most lipsticks give.
5. If you could only keep one section of your makeup collection which would it be? it would be by far my eyebrow section as my eyebrows make me feel alot more confident when they are looking clean and crisp.
6. What is your back to school essential? i have quite a few back to school essentials. my first would be my earphones, i know some schools aren't allowed them but they are good for travelling to and from school and during your breaks. my next essential is a brightly coloured pen for note taking because i work better personally with colour. the last essential i will include is a small makeup bag with things like concealer, powder and whatever lipstick you are wearing, for any kind of touch ups you may need to do.
7. What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe right now? my favourite piece in my wardrobe right now is definitely my turtle neck jumpers. i love them! i am especially love grey turtle necks at the moment.
8. Boots or superdrug? this is a hard one, i love both but i think i'm going to have to lean more on the superdrug side as they have so many kind of, exclusive brands and they always have some sort of deals on.
9. Favorite hair care brand? i don't really have a specific favourite as i like to try all sorts. i basically love any hair care brand that do good hair masks and good products for blonde hair.
10. Which other bloggers do you read? i like to read zoellas blog and i also like poppy deyes blog, i haven't really got much chance to explore as i am new to the blogging world and hadn't really heard much about it before, and i kind of slightly prefer YouTube videos as is it more visual.
11. What is the best palette in your opinion? in my opinion, the best palette i own is the Zoeva rose golden palette. this palette is £15.50 on beauty bay and is honestly so pigmented and buttery. they also last a really long time.
12. Do you have any beauty inspirations? my main beauty inspirations are Zoella, jamie genevieve and nicole guerriero and shannon from shaaanxo on youtube, they are all so beautiful and talented.
13. What is your current foundation? my current foundation is the L'Oreal true match in ivory, i love this foundation!
14. Which mascara do you recommend? At the moment i am using a sample of the rituals elegance mascara it is brilliant.
15. What is the best thing about blogging? the best thing about blogging is sharing my thoughts and ideas with you guys and meeting new people.
thanks for realding
...extract beauty...

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