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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Natural Collection Blush

hey guys,
so i was having a look through my makeup collection and found an old favorite, my natural collection blush in 'pink cloud'. I believe that the brand Natural Collection is only available in the uk and is a Boots own brand so that is the only place you will be able to by it. however, this is one of the most creamy, pigmented blush i
have ever owned, for the price i mean what more could you want?
This little drugstore gem costs only £1.99, and personally i love it.
it is also very easy to blend on the skin and is perfect for beginners or any lovers of makeup.
let me know your thoughts on this amazing little product.
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Maybelline Colour Tattoo, Pink Gold

Hey guys,
so today i have decided to review the maybelline colour tattoo in pink gold.
I absolutely love this cream eye shadow! i think it is the perfect thing to just throw on your eyelids and is really quite fool proof.
Sometimes i also like to apply this as a kind of primer so that my other shadows will last longer.
This handy little product is perfect for anyone's makeup bag and i would really recommend it to beginners who don't want to venture too much into the eye shadow world. i understand how daunting eye shadow can be and this cream shadow is so perfect for just patting onto the eye and carrying on with the rest of your makeup. i also love, love, love this product because i don't find that it creases on my eyelids. I have tried a few eye shadow bases and i have found most of them to end up creasing throughout the day.
This beautiful little product will cost you only £4.99!
let me know your thoughts in the comments down below, love you all <3
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder review

hey guys,
so i thought for my first official beauty post, i would talk about my holy grail powder!
this is the 'Rimmel London Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder'.
the thing i like the  most about this powder is that it doesn't make me look 'cakey' in any way at all. i tried the 'Stay Matt' by Rimmel and i found that it made me look really heavily made up and very cakey. however, this powder sets my foundation really well, it helps alot with the longevity of my foundation and it makes my makeup look flawless!
i also like to use this to blend out other face makeup, like my contour and blush. i find that if i have applied my bronzer or blush to heavily, this powder really helps to blend it out.
and guess what, its only £3.99 at boots! amazing right?!?
let me know your thoughts on this powder <3
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A bit about me :)

hey guys,
so i thought id start my blog by telling you all alittle bit about me.
i am a 15 year old (16 soon whoop whoop <3) makeup and beauty lover.
i have been thinking of doing a blog for a very long time and have finally got enough courage.
i really look up to bloggers and youtubers as i think they have so much courage and confidence and i would really like to one day meet alot of people through blogging. my biggest insperation is zoella aka. zoe sugg. i think she is so beautifull and successful and i love how far she has come. i also love danni mansutti as i think she has come so far!
i want to start writing a beauty and photography blog and have set up a tumblr page and a word press page which i will link down below.
i would really like to get to know all of you through blogging :) i think that blogging is a really nice way to express thoughts and get feedback on certian thinks.
i have thought about becoming a youtuber but i unfortunatly havent got enough confidence however one day i hope i might have enough confidence to do something like that, if you guys would want? but for now i think i will stick to blogging. i might also throw in a few lifestyle kind of blogs.
let me know your thoughts :)
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