extract beauty

extract beauty

Monday, 27 July 2015

A bit about me :)

hey guys,
so i thought id start my blog by telling you all alittle bit about me.
i am a 15 year old (16 soon whoop whoop <3) makeup and beauty lover.
i have been thinking of doing a blog for a very long time and have finally got enough courage.
i really look up to bloggers and youtubers as i think they have so much courage and confidence and i would really like to one day meet alot of people through blogging. my biggest insperation is zoella aka. zoe sugg. i think she is so beautifull and successful and i love how far she has come. i also love danni mansutti as i think she has come so far!
i want to start writing a beauty and photography blog and have set up a tumblr page and a word press page which i will link down below.
i would really like to get to know all of you through blogging :) i think that blogging is a really nice way to express thoughts and get feedback on certian thinks.
i have thought about becoming a youtuber but i unfortunatly havent got enough confidence however one day i hope i might have enough confidence to do something like that, if you guys would want? but for now i think i will stick to blogging. i might also throw in a few lifestyle kind of blogs.
let me know your thoughts :)
...extract beauty...


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