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Thursday, 27 August 2015

my favorite eyebrow products...

hey guys,
so today i am going to share with you my favorite eyebrow products and how i use them to achieve the brow that i desire.
so i like to start of by completely cleaning my brow area as i personally think that i am able to achieve a better brow what everything is super-duper clean and i always like to clean my skin before applying any makeup as i find it just makes my skin fell and look alot better.
i then like to go in with a dampened makeup sponge and some loose powder and i like to press that into my brows until i cannot physically see the powder. i have started to do this because i saw a you tube video of Hollie Wakeham doing this and it helped her to create tiny little hair line strokes in her brow as it puts a kind of base down and therefore makes it a little harder to draw over which means you have more control over the overall appearance.
i then go in with my Rimmel London Professional eyebrow pencil in the shade 'dark brow'. i like to sharpen this before i use it so that i have a tiny little sharp end on the pencil which helps me even more to create little hair line strokes. i find that this pencil has a very creamy formula and so putting the powder in the brows fist helps to change the formula into a harder pencil, similar to how a high end eyebrow pencil would be. i also like to use a light hand with these pencils as they are very pigmented and i try to go for a more natural look over a heavily drawn on look but that is just my preference, i have been through many different brow looks.

after i have filled in my brows and have got the desired look, i like to set the hairs in place to make sure they stay neat all day. for this i use the Rimmel Brow This Way brow gel in 'medium brown'. i find that this gives a nice amount of colour and sets them in place all day long.

i hope you like this post :) let me know your thoughts in the comments <3

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Chit Chat...

hey guys,
so i kinda just wanted to sit down and chat, i thought that maybe you could share your thoughts too in the comments. sorry as this will probably be a lot of random little thoughts all in one blog but i hope you enjoy <3
so as you probably know from my last post, it was my birthday on the 22nd and unfortunately my friends couldn't come to see me as they were all busy, but tonight they are all free. (yayyyyyyy) so tonight i am going to have a sleepover with all my friends and do lots of girly stuff and tomorrow i think that i'm going shopping with a couple of my friends too. i'm really excited to see everyone as i haven't seen my friends that often since we all left school earlier this year. i did see my friends on the 20th because it was our results day, which was really nice. i think that friends are really important and i know everyone has there ups and downs but i feel like friends are the people who are always there for you and support you no matter what. as you can probably tell, my friends mean alot to me and my family do too!

also i have been watching shannxo on YouTube alot recently and ive really been loving her! i wish i had her accent too. she is just so down to earth and natural on camera and is really pretty too. i mainly have been love her makeup tutorials and vlogs recently but i do watch all of her videos.

on the subject of YouTube, i see alot of beauty gurus getting hate at the moment, and id just like to say that im actually dissapointed because those YouTubers (not just beauty gurus) have worked very hard to become what they are and yes i believe to a certain extent that for some of them, the hate has made them stronger as people but it think that it is just wrong and i don't personally think that people should get hated on.

i have been thinking of starting a YouTube channel since i was probably about 13 but i think it is literally just my confidence that is stopping me. and that fact that people do hate, even some of family probably wouldn't like the idea of me being on the internet. hopefully one day, i will pluck up the courage because it is something that i really aspire to do and i think i would really love doing it. what do you think?

let me know what you think about these subjects, i would really love to hear your thoughts either in the comments or you can email me :) amyy.gilpinn@gmail.com i will try to answer everyone as soon as possible, dont e shy id love to hear your opinion :* love you all <3
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Sunday, 23 August 2015

first impressions... Benefit feelin' dandy

hey guys,
so it was my birthday yesterday, and i got a few makeup bits so i thought today id do a first impressions on the benefit set i was given.
this is a beautiful set! i have been eyeing up a few different benefit products, but the dandelion blush was always top of my list and now i get to try it :) this little set comes with the dandelion blush and a little brush, plus a dandelion lip gloss, a posie tint and a high beam. i am in love! alot of people think that the lip and cheek tints from benefit are hard to work with but i find if you put a little bit on your finger and press it into your cheeks multiple times, it blends really really nicely. i also love how using all these products together makes me look really healthy and gives me a nice glow. personally i think the benefit sets are perfect for gifts, or perfect if you want to try out multiple products, but don't want to spend alot of money all in one go.
so this is what the set looks like. isn't it just so pretty :) and i also like how the lip gloss isn't too sticky on the lips. overall i'm really impressed. this little beauty will cost you £25.50 on the benefit website which i think is such a good price for how much product you get. as i have only used it twice, i shall be uploading a follow up to this first impressions in a few weeks, once i have worked with the products for longer and i shall let you know my thoughts then, so stay tuned for that review. and let me know your thoughts down below in the comments and i will respond to all :) thank you for reading <3
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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

another urban decay naked palette dupe...

hey guys,
so a few of you were looking at my last Urban Decay Naked dupe and i have found another.
this time i am going to review for you the 'W7 In The Mood Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette' this is a dupe for the Urban Decay naked basics palette. the W7 palette will set you back a tiny amount of £4.50 in peacocks, where as the Naked Basics palette will set you back a hefty amount of £23.00 of the Urban Decay website. Personally i am a saver kind of girl i like to try things that are dupes for the originals to see if i would like the actual high end product. and a lot of the time i end up reaching for the dupe version more. i haven't yet tried the Naked Basics palette but i have been into debenhams and had a look at the Basics palette, i think that from what i saw of the original and the reviews i have heard about it, the W7 palette is on par, yes the W7 palette may not be as luxurious but you can really see the quality in the shadows.
all of the colours are pigmented and go onto the eye really easily, they are all buttery to the touch and they all last a long time. i have quite oily eyelids and i can really tell with alot of shadows if i haven't used a base but, these seem  to last really well without a base. i also love the colour range in the palette, there is a mix of cool and warm shades and it is a really easy everyday palette to work with if you love a natural eye like me. i love using the cool toned brown in the palette as a transition shade as i have been doing more of a copper eye recently and i think the cool toned brown goes well in the crease. plus all of the shadows have names, i haven'
t found many drugstore palettes that have names for each shadow but this one does! i think this is a perfect little everyday, natural eye palette and is perfect for beginners or someone wanting to see if they would like the naked palette but haven't got the funds for one.
let me know your thoughts in the comments or on my Google + page, id love to hear from you.
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Essence lip liners review!

hey guys,
so before i start the review, i would really love it if you let me know your thoughts on my blog. i would really like your feedback and to know what you'd like to see next.

onto the review...
so i think it was just under year ago now, i found out about the Essence brand as it was brought into my local wilko store. i was quite interested as it is quite an inexpensive brand.
before i brought anything however, i decided to look on YouTube to see if there was any reviews. which there are quite a few. And they were mostly all saying really good things about the brand.
i have brought a few things from the brand and thought i would review the lip liners as i know that alot of people would see the price and think that they are not very good. however, these are brilliant! they cost £1 yes i know bargain right?
they are really creamy and non-drying on the lips, also they are really really pigmented. i have worn the 'satin mauve' shade for quite a while now and decided to get two more recently and i love them! i really like wearing liners as i feel a lipstick can be too heavy and sometimes messy to work with, whereas these liners are really easy to work with, they're really blend-able and easy to apply.
personally i love them and they are really good value for money, let me know if you've tried these liners and what shades you love the most.
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Sunday, 9 August 2015

the single most important advice i can give you is to be yourself.

Hey guys,
So ive been that girl in school who is always putting other people before herself, or changing her personality to fit others and i can tell you from experience, its not fun. i was always acting different for certain people and trying to be the best i could be for them. i would always be quiet around the 'popular' ones because i felt like i wasnt good enough but my closest friends could never get me to shut up. i know a lot of people feel like they need to change themselfs in order for other people to like them. i know how being bullied feels and i know how it feels to feel the need to change and act a certain way for different people. I decided that when i was going into year 10 of high school that i wasnt going to let people get to me and i wasnt going to change and honestly the last two years of high school have been so much better! if your friends love you for who you are, they wont mind you being yourself. who cares what people think, right? in my opinion as long as my freinds and loved ones support me, i dont care if im the 'stupid' one of the group. friends and family are everything to me and as long as i make them proud, thats all that matters.
i guess what im trying to say is im here for you, i know what its like to go through certian things and finding confidence in who you are is just amazing and will honestly make your outlook on life so much brighter.
let me know if you have been through this or are going through this.
i promise things get better, and i know thats really cliche but honestly from experience things do get better and yes we all have bad times but thats just part of becoming who we are.
love you all.
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Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Wonderful World Of Eyebrows.

Hey guys,
So i got an idea to write a blog post about eyebrows this morning as i have seen a lot of boys posting on Facebook about their thoughts on girls' eyebrows.
I think that eyebrows are such a personal thing and everyone has a different idea of how the 'perfect brow' should look. For example some people like a really thin brow, some people like to go for a thicker brow. Some like a more rounded brow some like a crisp, sharp brow. Everyones take on eyebrows is completely different. And i think that it is really quite harsh when i see boys posting things like "why do girls draw on their eyebrows, they look stupid." or "why do i see girls walking round with slugs for eyebrows, why not go for a more natural look." 
people should be allowed to do there eyebrows however they want and especially in some cases girls have naturally thick, dark eyebrows, which don't get me wrong they look beautiful and i wish i had thick eyebrows! but in these cases boys seem to take the mick out of girls with naturally thick eyebrows more and contradict themselves in multiple ways.
Eyebrows are different for everyone, everyone has a different face shape which means that everyone will have different eyebrow shapes. 
personally i think that boys downgrading girls for any kind of makeup is really quite disgusting. makeup can be done in many different ways and it is down to the individual, if you are happy with how you do your makeup and how you do your eyebrows then that is really all that matters. i don't think girls or boys should let people get them down for the way they do there makeup or they way they live there life because it isn't up to other people it is up to you. 
let me know what you think about this subject.
love you all <3
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Dupe Alert!!!

hey guys,
yes that right i have a dupe for you! one that most of you probably know a lot about but i thought i would just share my thoughts on it.
i have had the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette for a couple of months now and i have to say i use it more or less everyday, this i s a really good, cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.
firstly, the colour pigmentation is outstanding. this palette costs £4.00 on the http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/index.php/ website and is sold in most Superdrug stores. when i brought this product i was not expecting a lot, i thought it wouldn't be very pigmented and i thought that they would have a lot of fall out. had heard it was a dupe for the urban decay palette just before Christmas so i thought i might as well check it out and i was not dissapointed! The colours are extremely pigmented, and there is minimal fall out. i find that the most fall out is in the second shade along, and that is mainly because it is quite a glittery shade.
the shadows are not chunky, they are very creamy and buttery and they glide on the eye very easily. i find that these eye shadow last very well on the eye, even without a primer or base!
i personally really love this palette and i hope you do to <3
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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick - Asia 077

Hey guys,
Today i am going to write about my go to pink'nude lipstick.
 this is the Rimmel Lasting Lipstick in 077 Asia, this is like my perfect pinky nude lip, kind of like 'my lips but better', i wouldn't go as far as to say it is like a 'kylie Jenner' colour as i find it is a little too pink. i don't normally go for a pink lip but recently i have loved this as it is more or a muted pink. This lipstick lasts almost all day, i'd say a good 6 hours through eating and drinking! the finish is quite sheeny, it is not super glossy and it is not matte it is just in between, and personally i think that is what works best with my lips. i have quite dry and chapped lips so i find that a moisturizing lipstick works really well and lasts really well         vs a matte lip which would show up all the dry patches.
let me know your thoughts on the Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Rimmel
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