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Monday, 24 August 2015

Chit Chat...

hey guys,
so i kinda just wanted to sit down and chat, i thought that maybe you could share your thoughts too in the comments. sorry as this will probably be a lot of random little thoughts all in one blog but i hope you enjoy <3
so as you probably know from my last post, it was my birthday on the 22nd and unfortunately my friends couldn't come to see me as they were all busy, but tonight they are all free. (yayyyyyyy) so tonight i am going to have a sleepover with all my friends and do lots of girly stuff and tomorrow i think that i'm going shopping with a couple of my friends too. i'm really excited to see everyone as i haven't seen my friends that often since we all left school earlier this year. i did see my friends on the 20th because it was our results day, which was really nice. i think that friends are really important and i know everyone has there ups and downs but i feel like friends are the people who are always there for you and support you no matter what. as you can probably tell, my friends mean alot to me and my family do too!

also i have been watching shannxo on YouTube alot recently and ive really been loving her! i wish i had her accent too. she is just so down to earth and natural on camera and is really pretty too. i mainly have been love her makeup tutorials and vlogs recently but i do watch all of her videos.

on the subject of YouTube, i see alot of beauty gurus getting hate at the moment, and id just like to say that im actually dissapointed because those YouTubers (not just beauty gurus) have worked very hard to become what they are and yes i believe to a certain extent that for some of them, the hate has made them stronger as people but it think that it is just wrong and i don't personally think that people should get hated on.

i have been thinking of starting a YouTube channel since i was probably about 13 but i think it is literally just my confidence that is stopping me. and that fact that people do hate, even some of family probably wouldn't like the idea of me being on the internet. hopefully one day, i will pluck up the courage because it is something that i really aspire to do and i think i would really love doing it. what do you think?

let me know what you think about these subjects, i would really love to hear your thoughts either in the comments or you can email me :) amyy.gilpinn@gmail.com i will try to answer everyone as soon as possible, dont e shy id love to hear your opinion :* love you all <3
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