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Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Wonderful World Of Eyebrows.

Hey guys,
So i got an idea to write a blog post about eyebrows this morning as i have seen a lot of boys posting on Facebook about their thoughts on girls' eyebrows.
I think that eyebrows are such a personal thing and everyone has a different idea of how the 'perfect brow' should look. For example some people like a really thin brow, some people like to go for a thicker brow. Some like a more rounded brow some like a crisp, sharp brow. Everyones take on eyebrows is completely different. And i think that it is really quite harsh when i see boys posting things like "why do girls draw on their eyebrows, they look stupid." or "why do i see girls walking round with slugs for eyebrows, why not go for a more natural look." 
people should be allowed to do there eyebrows however they want and especially in some cases girls have naturally thick, dark eyebrows, which don't get me wrong they look beautiful and i wish i had thick eyebrows! but in these cases boys seem to take the mick out of girls with naturally thick eyebrows more and contradict themselves in multiple ways.
Eyebrows are different for everyone, everyone has a different face shape which means that everyone will have different eyebrow shapes. 
personally i think that boys downgrading girls for any kind of makeup is really quite disgusting. makeup can be done in many different ways and it is down to the individual, if you are happy with how you do your makeup and how you do your eyebrows then that is really all that matters. i don't think girls or boys should let people get them down for the way they do there makeup or they way they live there life because it isn't up to other people it is up to you. 
let me know what you think about this subject.
love you all <3
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