extract beauty

extract beauty

Sunday, 9 August 2015

the single most important advice i can give you is to be yourself.

Hey guys,
So ive been that girl in school who is always putting other people before herself, or changing her personality to fit others and i can tell you from experience, its not fun. i was always acting different for certain people and trying to be the best i could be for them. i would always be quiet around the 'popular' ones because i felt like i wasnt good enough but my closest friends could never get me to shut up. i know a lot of people feel like they need to change themselfs in order for other people to like them. i know how being bullied feels and i know how it feels to feel the need to change and act a certain way for different people. I decided that when i was going into year 10 of high school that i wasnt going to let people get to me and i wasnt going to change and honestly the last two years of high school have been so much better! if your friends love you for who you are, they wont mind you being yourself. who cares what people think, right? in my opinion as long as my freinds and loved ones support me, i dont care if im the 'stupid' one of the group. friends and family are everything to me and as long as i make them proud, thats all that matters.
i guess what im trying to say is im here for you, i know what its like to go through certian things and finding confidence in who you are is just amazing and will honestly make your outlook on life so much brighter.
let me know if you have been through this or are going through this.
i promise things get better, and i know thats really cliche but honestly from experience things do get better and yes we all have bad times but thats just part of becoming who we are.
love you all.
...extract beauty...

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