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Sunday, 23 August 2015

first impressions... Benefit feelin' dandy

hey guys,
so it was my birthday yesterday, and i got a few makeup bits so i thought today id do a first impressions on the benefit set i was given.
this is a beautiful set! i have been eyeing up a few different benefit products, but the dandelion blush was always top of my list and now i get to try it :) this little set comes with the dandelion blush and a little brush, plus a dandelion lip gloss, a posie tint and a high beam. i am in love! alot of people think that the lip and cheek tints from benefit are hard to work with but i find if you put a little bit on your finger and press it into your cheeks multiple times, it blends really really nicely. i also love how using all these products together makes me look really healthy and gives me a nice glow. personally i think the benefit sets are perfect for gifts, or perfect if you want to try out multiple products, but don't want to spend alot of money all in one go.
so this is what the set looks like. isn't it just so pretty :) and i also like how the lip gloss isn't too sticky on the lips. overall i'm really impressed. this little beauty will cost you £25.50 on the benefit website which i think is such a good price for how much product you get. as i have only used it twice, i shall be uploading a follow up to this first impressions in a few weeks, once i have worked with the products for longer and i shall let you know my thoughts then, so stay tuned for that review. and let me know your thoughts down below in the comments and i will respond to all :) thank you for reading <3
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