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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Essence lip liners review!

hey guys,
so before i start the review, i would really love it if you let me know your thoughts on my blog. i would really like your feedback and to know what you'd like to see next.

onto the review...
so i think it was just under year ago now, i found out about the Essence brand as it was brought into my local wilko store. i was quite interested as it is quite an inexpensive brand.
before i brought anything however, i decided to look on YouTube to see if there was any reviews. which there are quite a few. And they were mostly all saying really good things about the brand.
i have brought a few things from the brand and thought i would review the lip liners as i know that alot of people would see the price and think that they are not very good. however, these are brilliant! they cost £1 yes i know bargain right?
they are really creamy and non-drying on the lips, also they are really really pigmented. i have worn the 'satin mauve' shade for quite a while now and decided to get two more recently and i love them! i really like wearing liners as i feel a lipstick can be too heavy and sometimes messy to work with, whereas these liners are really easy to work with, they're really blend-able and easy to apply.
personally i love them and they are really good value for money, let me know if you've tried these liners and what shades you love the most.
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